Effortless Set Up and Course Redemption

We know that you are you busy, and it can be a challenge to squeeze in studying in between commitments. However, your learning should not take a backseat. After all, it is through this endeavour that you can gain competencies that will help you go further in your career and life.  
Online learning is the best alternative to traditional classroom-based learning. With it, you do not have to travel to and from campus, sit in classes, and stick to timetables. Here at Careers and Me, we give you access to diverse courses that can jumpstart your involvement in online learning. To help you save time and enable you to start studying right away, we have made the set up process easy.

  1. Choose from Our Courses and Set Up Your Learner Account
  2. Make your choice from our list by reading through the description of each course. Once you have made up your mind, you can pay for the course you have chosen by clicking on the purchase button. You will be taken to a secure page where you need to fill out a form and complete the checkout process. Please note that the form you will fill out also doubles as your registration to our learning hub. Wait for an email from us confirming your course payment and registration and receive instructions on how you can activate your learner account.

  3. Access your learner account and course and begin studying
  4. After activating your learner account, you can start accessing your chosen course. Begin studying the units at your own time and pace, take the tests at the end of each unit, and keep track of your progress through your account dashboard.

  5. Complete your course and secure a certificate
  6. Pass the provided tests and complete your course in no time. A certificate will be delivered right in your inbox soon after the confirmation of your course completion. Make the most of your certificate by adding it into your resume and be on the way to your dream job or promotion.

Course Redemption with Voucher Code

We usually provide vouchers as part of our promotions. We partner with other sites or merchants, so they can give out our vouchers to their base of clients as rewards. If you happen to have a Careers and Me voucher, you can use it to get further discount on a course or even redeem it for free. Just input your voucher code below and follow the succeeding instructions.

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Online learning with Careers and Me is totally worth the effort. Learn in a relaxed manner and equip yourself with in-demand skills that will help you soar higher. Get started today!