Focusing on Effective Online Learning

We believe that everything can be taught online. This is why we continue to develop courses on a diverse range of subjects to provide more options for knowledge and skills acquisition. Beyond that, we do not just focus on the bells and whistles, but more on solid learning design and delivery. As such, all our courses have clear objectives and appropriate syllabus and content, and are designed to put learners in control of their learning.

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Rewards of Learning with Careers and Me

Access to Expertise

Whatever course you intend to choose, rest assured that its content has been developed with the guidance and input of a subject matter expert. This means you get to access information that can help you grow knowledge and skills with real world applications.

Updated Learning Content

With access to thousands of resources from around the Internet and enduring partnerships with many subject matter experts, we are able to regularly update our materials. We make sure they are accurate and reliable and at the same time offers content that fulfils the needs of different learners.

Comfort and Flexibility

Forget about travelling to and from campus and sitting for hours to listen to lectures. Our courses are accessible online through our learning hub, which means you will not be tied to physical class sessions. They are also designed to let you take control of your study schedule and rhythm.

Better Knowledge Retention

Our courses combine multimedia content to create an engaging and richer learning experience. This proves to be effective in helping learners retain more information compared to studying text-based content.

Certificate That Looks Good on Resume

Whether you are looking for your first job or contemplating on switching to a new one, owning a certificate that validates your online learning experience will always be a great addition to your resume. It will show hiring employers your eagerness to work on your knowledge and skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Take Part in Spreading Online Learning

We want to make online learning accessible to those wanting to learn new subjects and skills. However, we cannot do it alone. The best way to help us is to become a part of our growing reseller network. This is a win-win opportunity, as you can generate extra income in the process, while we can expand our base of learners.

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Online learning with Careers and Me is totally worth the effort. Learn in a relaxed manner and equip yourself with in-demand skills that will help you soar higher. Get started today!

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