Front Office Management Certification


Know the systems, procedures, and practices involved in the front office and learn strategies for the effective management of this area of business by taking this course.


Course Overview


We live in a service society. For businesses that means every aspect of their work involves catering to customer’s needs, and the front office is not an exemption. As the main area of business that comes in direct contact with customers, the front office creates value by setting first impression, providing professional communication and information to customers, and liaising with back-office departments to ensure coordination of services. Because the front office involves functions that deal with people, it is necessary that this area is properly managed. This is where this course can help you with.


The course will show you various dimensions of the front office department and acquaint you with the systems, procedures, and practices involved in its management. It will first discuss what front office means and the operations and procedural aspects it involves. It will then delve into such subjects as front office culture, communication systems and procedures, customer service skills development, front office computerisation, and much more.


Learning Objectives


The primary objectives of the front office management certification course are to: (a) show you different dimensions of the front office; (b) let you know about the systems, operations, and procedural aspects of the front office; and (c) teach you strategies for effective management of the front office.




  1. Access to expertly rendered content and learning materials at any time of the day.
  2. Detailed information about front office management.
  3. Self-regulated study time and pace.
  4. Test your knowledge and keep tabs of your progress by taking the assessment at the end of each module.
  5. Course ideal for learners of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  6. Receive a certificate proving your completion of the course and the new skill you have acquired.



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