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Companies do not just build their reputation based on the products or services they sell. The way they function and the practices they engage in as employers also influence how they are viewed by the public, and can affect their ability to attract and retain top talents. This, in turn, necessitates companies to supercharge their identity as an employer through effective employer brand management.


Employer brand management is the process through which a company works on its internal and external employer identity to meet the ‘people dimensions’ of the business. When done right, it is proven to help companies enhance company culture and practices, empower current employees to become social recruiters of the employer brand, attract top talents into the organisation, and enable the management to focus on selecting candidates that are best fit for the role.


Gain good grounding on the subject of employer branding and find out how to make use of its tools and methods to support an organisation’s effort to build and maintain a strong employer brand through this Employer Brand Management Certification course. It opens up by discussing the necessity and benefits of investing in employer brand management. It then goes on to elaborate the concepts that are essential to the practice such as brand ideology and hierarchy, adaptation, adversity, segmentation, and brand positioning and differentiation. The course also introduces you to various tools and approaches that can be used to effectively build and manage employer brand.


Topics Covered


The Employer Brand Management Certification course gives you the nuts and bolts of building, managing, and maintaining a strong employer brand. It teaches you the concepts, procedures, tools, and approaches successful companies use to keep their employer brands’ viable, reputable, visible, and alive. Packed with a lot insightful information, the course covers topics like:



Main Audience


The course applies to new business owners and employers who are searching for tools and approaches to better communicate and distinguish their employer brand from others. It is also an ideal study for those aspiring to work as branding specialist, recruitment officer, marketer, and advertiser.



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