The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a QCF* Level 3 qualification. It meets the educational standard required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of anyone wishing to achieve a ‘licence to practice’ and work as a mortgage adviser.

As the premier mortgage qualification, CeMAP is firmly established as the qualification of choice in the financial services industry, and widely regarded as the industry benchmark with 80% of mortgage advisers holding the qualification.

Employers from across the sector have been involved in the development of CeMAP which ensures that the content provides students with the knowledge they require in order to meet future career and regulatory requirements.

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a qualification offered by the ifs School of Finance. CeMAP is incorporated in to the National Qualifications Framework at level three.

CeMAP comprises of three modules. Modules 1 and 2 both have defined learning outcomes designed to give you the knowledge and understanding required to operate as mortgage advisers. Module 3 consists of objectivity tested questions designed to test your ability to apply the knowledge gained in modules 1 and 2.

CeMAP is a UK specific qualification and comprises seven mandatory units that are studied and assessed in three modules:

What does CeMAP cover?

CeMAP 1 – UK Financial Regulation

Unit 1: Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products

Section 1: The UK financial services industry
Section 2: Financial Assets
Section 3: Financial Products
Section 4: The financial planning and advice process
Section 5: The main areas of financial advice
Section 6: Basic legal concepts relevant to financial services

Unit 2: UK Financial Services and Regulation

Section 1: The Financial Services Authority
Section 2: Money laundering
Section 3: Complaints and compensation
Section 4: Data protection
Section 5: Other laws and regulations relevant to advising clients

CeMAP 2 – Mortgages

Unit 3: Mortgage law, policy practice and markets

Section 1: Borrowers
Section 2: Mortgage and property regulation and law
Section 3: The house buying process
Section 4: From offer of advance to completion
Section 5: The economic and regulatory context for giving mortgage advice

Unit 4: Mortgage Applications

Section 1: The role of the mortgage advisor
Section 2: Assessment of status
Section 3: Assessment of security
Section 4: Guarantees and additional security

Unit 5: Mortgage payment methods and products

Section 1: Mortgage repayment methods
Section 2: Mortgage products and schemes
Section 3: Other mortgage-related products

Unit 6: Mortgage arrears and post completion

Section 1: Further advances and remortgaging
Section 2: Arrears, debt management and recovery
Section 3: Other post completion matters

CeMAP 3 – Mortgage Advice Knowledge

Specimen Case Study Papers.

The IFS assessment method:

Modules 1 and 2 are each assessed in a two-hour exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. Module three is assessed in a two hour exam, but is made up of 60 questions based on six case studies.


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