Acupressure and Reflexology Certification


Develop your healing hands and know how to administer acupressure and reflexology the safe and effective way by taking this certification course.


Course Overview


As if your daily life is not stressful enough, you may also find yourself dealing with physical aches and pains. It is in cases like these that you would like to restore balance in your life and alleviate any of the discomfort you are feeling. Lucky for you, there are ways to achieve the healing that you want using your own hands. These techniques are referred to acupressure and reflexology.


The course will give you the basics of these bodywork techniques, including definitions of relevant terms, the history and principles of the healing arts, and the benefits they can bring to both body and mind. You will also receive complete explanation of the necessary preparations to heal yourself and others using acupressure and reflexology, along with proven techniques and how they are administered.


Learning Objectives


The primary objectives of the acupressure and reflexology certification are to: (a) introduce you to the bodywork techniques of acupressure and reflexology; (b) help you know the physical and emotional healing acupressure and reflexology can bring; (c) provide you a review of anatomical concepts like reflex zones, acupoints, types of tissues, and other body parts; and (d) familiarise you with varied acupressure and reflexology techniques and teach you how to safely administer them to alleviate pain and aches and address specific concerns.




  1. Access to expertly rendered content and learning materials at any time of the day.
  2. Detailed information about the acupressure and reflexology healing techniques.
  3. Self-regulated study time and pace.
  4. Test your knowledge and keep tabs of your progress by taking the assessment at the end of each module.
  5. Course ideal for learners of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  6. Receive a certificate proving your completion of the course and the new skill you have acquired.


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