“Our primary mission is to deliver online learning that will equip learners with in-demand skills and will aid them in developing new aspects of themselves. That way, they can scale greater heights in their career and life.”

About Careers and Me

Careers and Me brings online courses on diverse subjects to all those looking to learn something new and improve their skills for personal and career growth. We have nearly 50 online courses created by our professional course developers in partnership with subject matter experts. All courses are designed with clear objectives as well as content that emphasises essential concepts and accomplishments of learners’ goals. They are also intended to allow for learning that is not bound by time and geography. Put it simply, we encourage learners to take the lead in their learning process. Whether you are looking for personal growth, career advancement, or to casually pursue a new hobby, at Careers and Me you can find what you are seeking for. We will even provide you a digital certificate to validate your learning experience with us and provide proof of your accomplishment as a lifelong learner.

What Differentiates Us from Others

Delivering quality online learning is, and always will be, our top priority. What separates us from those who made the same promise is that we take it seriously. This is apparent from how we curate our courses. We bring together some of the best professional course developers around and consult with subject matter experts to make learning content that is similar to those you can receive from in-classroom lectures. We also continue to listen to what our learners’ need, so we can use them as a point of reference when designing and structuring our courses. We are all about catering to learners of all levels and supporting their learning and skills transfer.

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Online learning with Careers and Me is totally worth the effort. Learn in a relaxed manner and equip yourself with in-demand skills that will help you soar higher. Get started today!

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